An app to track your personal pinball scores

Quickly, easily, with no login required

Snap a picture, know the score

Got a monster score on a pinball table? In just a few seconds, you can jot down the score and save it in your phone.

Quickly search for and choose from nearly every pinball table ever made, with data from the Internet Pinball database.

Take a picture of the scoreboard as proof of your achievement.

Remember where you were

Every pinball table is different. That's why PinIQ lets you include the name of the venue where you got that score.

It also remembers your location, so the venue is automatically selected the next time you are there.

Browse your score history

See a timeline of your recent scores, or browse all of your scores by table or venue.

You can even see your high scores for a given table across different venues.

Simple and fast

You don't have to create an account or login. Just launch the app and save your scores right away.

Everything is stored on your phone, so you can save and browse scores even when you are offline.

The native user interface makes it fast and fluid.

Download now

Available on the App Store for iPhone and coming soon to the Google Play store


Need help with PinIQ? Submit a feedback request from within the app, or send an email to