The Tri-State Super Selfie League

Published on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Season 2 of the Tri-State Super Selfie league is here. Selfie League is one of my favorite formats; there's not a lot of pressure and there is a lot of flexibility to play at your own pace.

But one of the rules for this season has me a little miffed. A bunch of machines this season are older models, using 7-segment LEDs for their scoreboards. And they can only count up to a certain maximum number (usually 99,999 or 999,999) before rolling back to 0. So when the score reads 230,340, the actual score could be 1,230,340, or 5,230,340. And there's no way to tell.

In supervised competitions, the player has to alert a scorekeeper when he or she is about to "roll" the scoreboard, but Selfie League is unsupervised. So what's the solution? Making it impossible to score more than the maximum that can be displayed.

Look, I get it. It's a decent compromise that allows us to play some of these classic games in an unsupervised format. Realistically, it probably won't be a problem. But I can't help but feel that if I manage to play well enough to roll a game, I am going to be pissed that I can't submit it to the League.